Cindy Browning, LCSW

Cindy Browning, LCSW
Individual, couple, family and group therapy

Cindy has been providing individual, group, couple and family psychotherapy for more than 25 years in hospitals, agency settings and private practice. She is a skilled and experienced therapist offering brief intensive therapeutic workshops, EMDR and couples therapy. Cindy also provides professional development workshops and consultations to other therapists. The depth of her experience, training and skill allow her to work effectively with a variety of issues and problems.

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About Cindy

Cindy Browning, LCSW, has been in private practice for over 20 years where she specializes in the treatment of trauma, couples, family therapy, substance abuse and relational addictions. Cindy has been extensively trained in Post Induction Therapy by Pia Mellody, LPC, RN, at the Meadows in Arizona. She has completed training in Inner Child, Feelings Reductions and Couples Boundaries work. She uses Pia's Post Induction Therapy model (PIT) for treating relational trauma and helping people move past stuck points in their recovery and in their relationships in all of her work. Cindy regularly offers small group intensive workshops using Pia Mellody's Post Induction Therapy as well as follow up groups.

Cindy has been an EMDR practitioner since 1997 and teaches EMDR as a facilitator and is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. Cindy is an experienced consultant and educator, offering professional development workshops and individual and group professional consultation to other therapists in EMDR, trauma treatment and couples treatment.


The progress I made in one workshop was more than I've made in 15 years of therapy. I always felt safe in the workshop even though working on my trauma has historically been scary. I'm so glad I did it. The workshop improved my ability to use healthy boundaries which has helped my relationships.

SH, attendee from Madison, WI

…an inspirational clinician, supervisor and educator. In my decade plus of collaborating with Cindy I have never stopped learning from her. Her exceptional skills and keen intuition, coupled with a remarkable breadth of training, have helped countless individuals, couples, families, and therapists, improve their lives. Those of us fortunate enough to work with her realize we are in the hands of a master clinician in the prime of her career.

Bronwyn O’Neil, LCSW
MSW, Columbia University
Family and Marital Therapy, Ackerman Institute for the Family
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

A wise and gifted practitioner, Cindy Browning is a bright, dynamic and intuitive clinician, educator, supervisor and lecturer. Having trained with Murray Bowen, Dick Schwartz, John Gottman, Francine Shapiro, Larry LeShan, Steven Gilligan and Pia Mellody, to name a few of her mentors, Cindy is incredibly talented in integrating the salient components of each practitioners' model into usable, accessible interventions for client and practitioner alike.

Because she has a rare depth of knowledge and training, she can easily guide a supervisee using an EMDR trauma intervention, through Pia Mellody's PIT model to work through shame, or family therapy interventions with skill and ease. As a consultant and trainer, Cindy guides and supports practitioners to develop an informed case conceptualization. Whether the practitioner speaks the language of psychodynamic theory, Addictions/12 step programs, EMDR, or Internal Family Systems Cindy is able to meet the clinician where they are and facilitate an informed case conceptualization, leading to a variety of interventions to help the client's therapeutic process. In EMDR group consultation, practitioners not only work on cases they may be struggling with, but also practice using EMDR with each other. Her consultation group provides a lively group demonstration of the EMDR protocol, allowing practitioners to practice in a safe and supportive environment and experience many different practitioners' styles while benefiting from Cindy's direct facilitation and guidance.

I have also observed and assisted Cindy's work during the 3-day Intensive Workshops (PIT Style) she offers to facilitate healing of early childhood trauma and wounding. Cindy's work in this model is exceptional and the growth and maturity that clients experience is remarkable.

Testimonial from Nancy Gardner, LCSW



Often people come to therapy to get help to feel better or to improve their own functioning in facing challenges in life. Therapy is the process of assessing and identifying the nature and origin of these issues as well as healing the cause and defining a new path thereafter. Most behavior and emotions that people struggle with makes sense in context. Identifying the nature of the issues, e.g. whether they are self-esteem and self worth issues, boundary issues, perfectionism issue, self-care issues, trust and intimacy or trouble being moderate, is very illuminating. Most of these issues have their origin or root in childhood relational patterns with major caregivers and other traumas. Specifically, emotional, physical or sexual abuse or emotional and physical neglect are often what sets these issues in motion. Not only do they interfere with relationships, family life and functioning in work or other social contexts, these adverse childhood experiences influence the relationship one has with self and set up the basis for depression, addiction and other emotional, physical, behavioral and relational problems. Becoming aware of the impact of these relational patterns is not only helpful to clients but helps define a path to healing in therapy. These patterns influence how we all treat ourselves and cause us to revert to old behaviors, thoughts and emotions until we heal them.

Cindy makes extensive use of Pia Mellody LPC, RN's model of Developmental Immaturity and Codependence as a guide to understanding and explaining the connection between adverse childhood experiences and relational trauma and current life issues.

Healing the relationship with self creates the ability to affirm and nurture yourself which means you feel as worthy and valuable as others in your life. It also means you will be able to hold yourself accountable and set limits on yourself, so that you will feel in control of yourself and have respectful relationships with others.

Specializing in the treatment of

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Anger Issues
  • Anxiety, Depression, & Self Esteem problems
  • Codependence
  • Healing the toxic effects of carrying shame
  • Intimacy problems and conflict
  • Love addiction Recovery
  • Mind-body approaches to Catastrophic illness
  • Recent event trauma
  • Relational trauma
  • Sexual and physical abuse


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR, was developed by Francine Shapiro, PhD, and is thought of as the first line of treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Cindy uses EMDR effectively with PTSD and other trauma related symptoms such as body memories, flashbacks, nightmares, sleep disturbances, grief that won't heal, depression, anxiety, affect management and emotional coping, and to help clients regain an adult perspective in their lives. Cindy creatively uses EMDR to treat a variety of issues and has found it lends itself to the therapeutic process in many ways including with attachment issues, difficulty in the relationship with self, and to help clients get “unstuck” when they intellectually know one thing yet feel another.

Since she first started using EMDR, Cindy was fortunate to have been introduced to Debra Wesselmann, LPC, and her work using EMDR with attachment issues and with parenting. Cindy has been tremendously influenced by this work and continues to apply it in her treatment of various kinds of trauma.

Cindy has been an EMDR practitioner since 1997 and teaches EMDR as a facilitator and is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. Cindy helps other therapists learn to use EMDR to its fullest potential through group and individual consultation. Cindy authored “Floatback and Float-forward: Techniques for Linking Past Present and Future” in which she named, popularized and contributed to the advancement of a technique developed by William Zangwill, PhD. The Floatback Technqiue is currently taught as part of the EMDR curriculum and the use of it is considered standard operating procedure for good and thorough practice of treating trauma.

Cindy co-created TheraKey, an iPad app based on the Floatback and Float-forward Techniques, with William Zangwill, PhD. TheraKey is both a comprehensive record keeping app and an EMDR app intended for use in every therapy session to help clients achieve the greatest self-awareness and healing possible.

More information about TheraKey


Family therapy can include all the members of a family, subgroups such as one parent and one child, couples, siblings or even just one member of a family. Often family therapy is focused on solving a problem or negotiating a resolution but just as often it focuses on the overall lowering of reactivity to one another. Paradoxically, becoming detached from outcome and learning to be curious about others in the family, rather than reacting to them and trying to change them, opens the door to greater intimacy and improved functioning.

Cindy has been a student of various family therapy approaches since the beginning of her career and has a deep understanding of how our emotional functioning is linked to our families. Early on, Cindy became well-versed in Bowen Family Theory as an overarching guide to her therapy and currently uses Pia Mellody, LPC, RN's Post Induction Therapy (PIT) in all of her interventions with families.

Cindy uses PIT with families in a straight-forward approach which they find easy to understand and utilize. Using this approach, Cindy helps families learn satisfying communication and bond with greater and appropriate closeness and intimacy. Famiilies also learn to set effective limits and boundaries so they can strike a balance between growth for each person and relational connectedness between family members. Cindy uses the PIT model as well as attachment focused models to expertly guide parents with a variety of parenting concerns.

Specialites Include

  • Blended Families (Step-Familiy Issues And Adjustments)
  • Codependence Recovery
  • Divorce
  • Effects of Addiction
  • Life Adjustments (Deaths, Coping Addictions And Illnesses In The Family, Etc.)
  • Parenting Issues/Concerns


Couples therapy is most effective when it is aimed at identifying, understanding and resolving the circumstances and patterns that set in motion the relationship difficulties. While she incorporates elements from John Gottman's work, from attachment theory and the work of Sue Johnson, as well as Richard Schwartz's work into her couples therapy, Cindy relies on Pia Mellody's PIT model for accomplishing these goals. This work together with skill development, learning to communicate, build trust, intimacy and foster genuine cooperation helps couples develop and restore their relationship. Developing and using functional boundaries is essential to the work and creates a safe, secure relationship bond that is the hallmark of resilience and happiness in relationships.

Areas of specialty

  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Couples Boundaries Work
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Love Addiction
  • Codependence
  • Intimacy Problems
  • Infidelity Issues
  • Parenting Issues

Group Therapy

Group therapy has many benefits and gives clients the advantage of learning on multiple levels. Direct intervention, relationships within the group and learning through observing interactions of others are all elements of group therapy. The support of a group environment is often a powerful aid to healing as well.

Cindy offers intensive small group workshops as well as brief follow up workshops in a group setting.


Cindy offers three day intensive trauma healing workshops in a small group setting on a regular basis, often with a co-therapist. These workshops, called “Embracing Your Power,” are focused on healing relational trauma and its impact and are based on the work of Pia Mellody, LPC, RN, creator of Post Induction Therapy and the Survivor's Workshop.

Small Group Intensive Workshops

Embracing Your Power
A Family of Origin Intensive

This intensive small group experience follows a groundbreaking model developed by Pia Mellody to explore and heal the impact of childhood trauma. The early relationships of one's life are very influential and less-than-nurturing early experiences set in motion various difficulties in adulthood including relationship problems, depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders. The focus of the workshop is not on blaming caregivers but rather on identifying the early experiences and healing their impact. This allows us to change current patterns and live from the functional adult. The safe, small group environment enhances the experience and deepens the effect of this work.

Informational Phase

Participants are educated about relational trauma and how it impacts the relationship with oneself and others in adulthood. Participants will learn about the core issues and how to heal them. Appropriate boundaries and self love, essential to all healthy and intimate relationships, are a major focus.


This is a process designed to assist each participant to identify and understand the impact of their childhood experiences with adult caregivers on their current difficulty or dysfunction. Childhood trauma, whether it is overt and obvious boundary violations or more subtle and unintentional emotional absence, is explored. Releasing the child perspective and adopting an adult perspective regarding one's childhood is part of the healing that takes place during this phase.

Experiential Phase

During this phase, each participant will be guided by the therapist through specific processes developed by Pia Mellody that heal childhood trauma by developing a nurturing relationship with oneself, releasing painful emotions rather than simply expressing them, and empowering your functional adult to live in action rather than reaction.

Ongoing Recovery and Empowerment Strategies

Participants will receive strategies, tools, and resources throughout the workshop to make using these empowering principles and changes permanent in their daily lives. The growth accomplished during the three-day intensive group workshop can take one to three years in ongoing weekly therapy sessions. Join us for this heart opening, powerful experience.

Workshops Scheduled

Men's workshop: July 20-22, 2016 Led by Cindy Browning, LCSW

Training for Relational Trauma Treatment
November 2-5, 2015
Contact Cindy for more information

Workshops are scheduled approximately every six weeks. Please contact Cindy for a current schedule.

For Professionals


Cindy is an experienced therapist, educator and consultant, offering consultation to other professionals in groups, individually, as well as by telephone and Skype. Currently, Cindy has three consultation groups.

If you wish to become a member of one of these groups or if you wish to arrange consultation, please contact Cindy.

Cindy's consultation groups
  • EMDR Consultation
  • Couples Therapy Consultation
  • Post Induction Therapy Consultation (for therapists interested in integrating this model into their practices and as a model for treating relational/attachment trauma and its impact)

Professional Development Workshops & Training

Trauma Treatment Basics
The Core Issues, Treatment Planning and an Overview of Trauma Treatment

This workshop is intended as an introductory and comprehensive overview of developmental trauma, its impact and its healing and closely follows the work of Pia Mellody.

For further information and for dates of this training, please contact Cindy.

Practical Aspects of Trauma Treatment
Hands-On Experience in the Most Essential Techniques of Relational Trauma Treatment

This workshop is intended as a follow up to the basic trauma treatment workshop. Through a combination of lectures, discussion, demonstrations and small group supervised practice you will deepen your understanding and practical knowledge of trauma treatment techniques as part of a comprehensive approach to relational trauma treatment.

For further information and for dates of this training, please contact Cindy.

Upcoming Workshops

Practical Aspects of Trauma Treatment
The inner child and feelings reduction components of Pia Mellody's Post-Induction Therapy Model

Co-led by Cindy Browning, LCSW and Brenda Mirly, LCSW
Fall 2016. Date TBD

Trauma Treatment Basics
The Core Issues, Treatment Planning and an Overview of Trauma Treatment (based on Pia Mellody's Post Induction Therapy Model)

Fall 2016. Date TBD. Contact Cindy for a flyer and to register!

EMDR Training


Public Speaking



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